Introduction to Finzig

Welcome to Finzig! Here's a brief overview of all that Finzig has to offer in terms of products and tool to help you make better investment decisions.

First and forthmost, our aim is to make financial tools accessible to as many people as possible. To do that, we have three core features that are available throughout our platform:

  • International assets: We provide data on a wide range of international assets, including stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. Our assets cover not only the US market but also other major markets around the world such as ones in Europe and Asia.
  • Multiple currencies: We support multiple currencies, so you can view and analyze your investments in the currency of your choice.
  • Long historical data: We aim to provide as much historical data as possible. We also created our own synthentic asset classes to offer even longer data, going back more than 100 years.


Our backtester allows you to analyze your assets or portfolio using risk and reward metrics. How much return can I expect from my investments? How much risk am I taking on? How does it compare to other assets or portfolios? These are all questions that the backtester can help you answer.

Features include:

  • Rebalancing your portfolio after a certain period, e.g. following a monthly or yearly frequency.
  • Comparing up to three different assets or portfolios at once.
  • Quantitatively analyze your portfolio's performance using metrics such as Sharpe ratio, Sortino ratio, and maximum drawdown.


It can sometimes be challenging to come up with an own ideal portfolio, so we list a wide range of well-known (and lesser known) portfolios that you can use as a starting point. You can backtest these portfolios or adjust these portfolio to your liking using the backtester.

We try to cover as much variety in the portfolios that we list, including:

  • Portfolios that are specifically catered towards investors of a certain region. For example, we have portfolios for European investors with UCITS trackers.
  • Portfolios for defensive investors as well as aggressive investors.
  • Portfolios with well-known indices that are are able to backtest over a very long period of time.


Our asset screener allows you to filter assets based on a wide range of technical criteria. We cover a lot of quantitative metrics. This can help you find assets that fit your investment strategy or help you to diversify your portfolio.


We have a community of investors that you can join. You can share your own portfolios, ask questions, or discuss investment strategies with other investors (check our Discord!). We also have a blog where we post about new features and updates.